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  • PT-141 Bremelanotide

10mg/vial, 5vials/kit

If PT141 is approved by the FDA in 2007 it will have the most revolutionary effect on women’s sex lives since the availability of the birth control pill in the early 1960’ s. Unlike sexual enhancement drugs for men such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, there are no drugs currently available for women with sexual dysfunction problems.

If current studies being conducted by Palatin Technologies on the treatment of female sexual dysfunction problems are any indication, PT141 could be the first drug available to boost female sexual desire. Tests conducted on rats have shown “significantly enhanced” sexual behavior.

What scientists have observed is that when given PT141, female rats actually sought male rats for sex. Jim Pfaus, a professor of psychology at ConcordiaUniversity in Montreal , who along with Palatin Technologies has been researching PT141, believes it “could be bigger than Viagra.”

Palatin has conducted a two phase study with 50 pre-menopausal without sexual dysfunction and found that women taking PT141 reported an increase in their level of sexual desire and genital arousal compared to a placebo.

Because female sexual dysfunction involves problems with desire, arousal, orgasm and pain, PT141 could be beneficial for both women with female sexual dysfunction (women who are interested in sex, but cannot reach a climax) as well as women who have a lack of desire for sex and not physiological problems. This is because PT141 works to activate receptors in the central nervous system to increase desire for sex while also increasing blood flow to the genital area thus improving both sexual desire and sexual function

With the aging “baby boom” generation, both men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction are a growing market and PT141 shows potential to be more effective than Viagra in treating sexual dysfunction with minimal side effects. Based on studies thus far, PT141 shows promise to bring new found sexual enjoyment for women who have suffered from decreased sexual function and have not had the benefit of sexual enhancement drugs on the market.

How PT141 works

Because PT141 directly targets the brain’s arousal center and doesn’t just work with the vascular system to increase blood flow to the genital area, it has the potential to treat women with sexual dysfunction problems, especially those with lack of sexual desire.

For women, PT141 works twofold in that it increases sexual desire and function. For men it is primarily is used for erectile dysfunction (ED), but for women it has been shown to increase the desire for sex and well as the enjoyment of sex.

PT141 is taken approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity and is nasally administered. It is non-invasive and fast acting. PT141 does not interact with other drugs, food or alcohol and has minimal side effects.