Product Type: ORALS

Compositioneach tablet contains: Clomiphene Citrate 50mg
Presentation: red 50mg tablets, 100 tablets resealable foilpouch
Storage: Keep out of the reach of children; protect fromlight; store in a cool dry place; do not refrigerate

Manufacturedby: Hygene Anabolic

Clomid is a drug given to women for use as a fertility aid. It is a SERM(Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) which acts by actually binding to theestrogen receptor and thereby blocking estrogen from doing the same. Clearly,this is advantageous when it binds to breast tissue, and prevents estrogen frombinding there to cause gynocomastia (although it is not nearly as effective asnolvadex for this purpose). It also opposes the negative feedback loop that thebody has with regards to estrogen and the HPTA(Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis), and this in turn stimulates LH(Leutenizing Hormone) and FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone). LH and FSH, inturn stimulate the release of testosterone. Clearly this is advantageous tobodybuilders and athletes coming off of a cycle, and beginning theirpost-cycle-therapy. What we have in Clomid is essentially a drug that acts as apreventative measure against gynocomastia, as well as a drug that acts to raiseendogenous (natural) testosterone levels. Usually, it is compared with anotherSERM, Nolvadex, for those reasons.

Clomid, however, ismuch weaker than nolvadex in a mg for mg comparison, with roughly 150mgs ofclomid being equal to 20mgs of nolvadex (1).It should be noted, however, that150mgs of clomid will still raise testosterone levels to approximately 150% ofbaseline value(1). You don´t have to use 150mgs, however; in my research, I´vefound that doses as low as 50mgs will show improvements and elevations intestosterone levels (4). In fact, my original Post-Cycle-Therapy regime (assuggested by Dan Duchaine in the original Underground Steroid Handbook) was100mgs per day for a week and 50mgs/day for a week. Don´t laugh& for thelate 90´s, when most anabolic steroid users didn´t even know how to use Clomid,it was considered a “state of the art” PCT routine. I suspect that Duchaineoriginally introduced this compound to the steroid using community.

Clomid, just likenolvadex, is very safe for long term treatment of lowered testosterone levels(2), with some studies showing its safety and efficacy for up to four months.And post-cycle, when steroid users are suffering form lowered testosteronelevels, is when clomid is most effective.